Tasting notes from the WA Bishop

Hage - Cropped

When we hear the story of Jesus turning water into wine, the writer of this miracle is letting his readers know that God’s promised age of blessing has arrived; a time of joy ushered in with the coming of Jesus into the world. Wine is spoken of in the Bible as a symbol of joy and blessing.

‘God brings grain from the land, wine to make people happy; their faces glowing with health, a people well-fed and hearty.’* 

* Psalm 104:14-15 The message translation

Of course everything in moderation. Jesus never advocated for gluttony or drunkenness, but he wasn’t afraid to enjoy the company of those who shared in food and wine.

It’s a joy for me to endorse the generous efforts of Olive Farm wines and the Yurisich family as they continue to support the work of our WA District of the Lutheran Church of Australia with their fundraising project of the Bishop’s Reserve labelled wines. I pray that as you enjoy the fruit of the vine among family and friends that you will receive joy and blessings too.


Reverend Peter Hage

WA District Bishop – Lutheran Church of Australia