Tasting notes from the WA Bishop


Like the steward of the feast at the Wedding at Cana, my response to our previous offerings was one of satisfaction and praise. This was wine to savour and enjoy, and the red, white, sparkling and fortified styles were all shared with good conversation and warm table fellowship in our home.

On that basis I commend this new round to you and invite you to enjoy both the wine and the service it provides. As with our previous runs, Bishop’s Reserve is offered to support a greater goal – the work of God’s people in mission and ministry in the WA District of the Lutheran Church. We are thankful to Olive Farm Wines and the Yurisich family for their generous partnership in this fundraising project. Thanks also to you, for your support.

As with all things, wine is not without its challenges. With this in mind, I urge you to share these fruits with wisdom and in moderation.

In recent time our church has identified the “Hidden Hurts, Healing Hearts” focus on domestic violence as priority work. For too long the misuse of alcohol has fuelled harm. Our call as God’s people is to never let anything, even a good thing, lead to evil.

My encouragement to you is to take the opportunities for connection that these fruits of the vineyard provide. Share with family, with friends, with neighbours and also invite Jesus to be with you at your table.

He is present with every good thing and you can also bring him to others – perhaps you will find that undertones of grace and hints of salvation are also found in your conversation.

In Christ – the winemaker of Cana.


Bishop Mike Fulwood