Tasting notes from the WA Bishop


Let me begin with a disclaimer. I recognise that I am very ill equipped to provide tasting notes of the kind that inform you about “hints of” this and “undertones of” that.

However, as I reflect on this latest release of Bishop’s Reserve wine my mind is drawn to the way in which Jesus engaged with the ordinary things, and the ordinary people, of our world.

His whole life underlined the central gospel message that God comes to us, and he enters intimately into our ordinary lives with forgiving grace.

Nowhere is this incarnation more real than in the Sacrament of Holy Communion where Jesus inhabits worldly elements of bread and wine and infuses them with life and forgiveness as he comes to us in person. How can the extraordinary God come to us in such ordinary things? How can wine which can contain the seeds of heartbreak also be the vehicle for the ultimate good?  This is a wonderful mystery.

It is my prayer that in the ordinariness of sharing a meal, a glass and a conversation that Christ will come to you with hints of grace and undertones of life.

In Christ – Immanuel – God with us.

Bishop Mike Fulwood

As with our previous runs, Bishop’s Reserve is offered to support a greater goal – the work of God’s people in mission and ministry in the WA District of the Lutheran Church. We are thankful to Olive Farm Wines and the Yurisich family for their generous partnership in this fundraising project. Thanks also to you, for your support